Shadow, Shadow, whatfor art thou, Shadow?


Clearly there, yet darkly nothing, evicted by noon
Though less than nothing, and yet still, eclip you the moon.
Plain as the nose between our eyes, we see you fall
How nothing? Intuit everything, veiling all.

Invisible in visible light, very tricky too see
If massless is light, how less then can you be?
Yet most massive that ye clip our lives, hang over all.
How nothing? Into it everything, wailing fall.



Shadows and Life

Opaque and translucent
On light’s direction bent
Blacken the sun, redden the moon
Sometimes you're heaven sent.

Yet I in mine mind's Eye reel
at what I see but cannot feel.
Contradictory: ill lumination.
Yes, sharply defined, but
Look closer: smeared
and contracting
to  a  point,
like Life
and this

~ Matt Terry ~




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