My Modern Art Collection


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All hail Hale-Bopp and Aurora Borealis!   (And Akira Fuji!)

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Antarctic Total Eclipse  Spooky...


anticrepuscular_rays_over_colorado.jpg (37257 bytes)

Anticrepuscular rays.  Not my shot, but we saw an example much like this from a train crossing the flat parts of Colorado a few years ago.  The sun is setting behind, and there are clouds intermittant at its horizon, casting the shadows above, which so fantastically emphasizes the rays.  What a Planet!   Here's another:

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moonrisemk_connelley.jpg (31408 bytes)

Moonrise in the Shadow of Mauna Kea  ...  Ommmm

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Home Sweet Home Galaxy


And as for the point about our oh so fine but fickle, forever furiously feral Mama Gaia, complete with callous cometary catastrophe, contemplate the full meaning of this extraordinary piece and you may never take another day for granted again:

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I took this picture:

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Here's some by my buddy Andy Wallace. See his site for lots more:

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Black Rock in Sand

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First Place, 2004 Monterey Shootout, Film Advanced  ~~ Congrats, buddy!




The following are Tomm Lorenzin's pictures; see his site for so much more:


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Toms8001qMilkyWay 450.jpg (137685 bytes)

"Milky Way"


TommsFallenGalaxy.jpg (370022 bytes)

Dew-laden Funnel-weaving Grass Spider's web in sunlight with rainbow
"...looks like a nebula that's fallen from the sky..."


Toms031225GullMoonVenus600.jpg (151193 bytes)

Far, farther, farthest


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Tommstorm040615_co_(40)_4070smaller.jpg (98702 bytes)

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Also Sprach Zarathustra



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