The following pages contain spreadsheets I created based on data published in many sources, but all the entries are in the Sky Atlas 2000.0 by Wil Tirion and Roger Sinnott and its Companion, by Robert Strong and Roger Sinnott,  published by Sky Publishing.  They are useful as individual observing projects, and form the basis of the talk I gave to SPAC Nov. 21, 2003, called:

Sky Gems: What Messier Missed.  Data Mining the Sky Atlas 2000.0 and Companion

    These first three form the heart of the talk.  I, like many people, had been curious about how many galaxies, clusters and nebulae could have made it onto Messier's famous list, had he completely surveyed the sky.  Turns out there are hundreds!!  What I have done is to compile all the objects as bright and brighter than the faintest member of that category in the modern Messier list of 110 deepsky gems.  I decided to abandon the conceit of holding to the list's original -30 declination limit, choosing instead -50, as most of us in North America can drive to the Keys or northern Mexico to get a good southern sky view to that celestial altitude.  I did not include Open Clusters among the Missed Messiers because almost every one (there's a lot) listed in the Companion is as bright as magnitude 8, the faintest of Messier's OCs.  The rest are tables of interesting categories of objects, collected from many different sources, and all of them can be found in the Sky Atlas.
    In my opinion, the Sky Atlas 2000.0 and Companion are the ideal intermediate step for most amateur astronomers who want to really get to know the sky in some detail.  This desire, and the unhappy occasion of two years of cloudy skies, are the factors which motivated the creation of these lists.   Due to glitches in the softwares, some of the pages that display here don't print the grid lines, and so if you wish those, choose the downloadable file versions. 

Messier's Missed Galaxies    download version including gridlines

Messier's Missed Globulars     download version including gridlines

Messier's Missed Planetaries, Supernovae, and Odds and Ends  download version including gridlines

Farscapes    download version including gridlines

Seyfert and Starburst Galaxies in SA 2000     download version including gridlines  Seyfert info

Rich Galaxy Clusters and Trios       download version including gridlines

Local Groupies     download version including gridlines   Local Group of Galaxies info

All Arp Peculiar Galaxies in SA 2000   download version including gridlines  Arp info   More    The entire Atlas    Halton Arp's website

All 111 Globular Clusters plotted in SA 2000     download version including gridlines

All Galaxies of M-v > 11 plotted in SA 2000  (still working on that, very large list)