The Poet

(for Tomm Lorenzin)


Touche’!  The deep but narrow thrust of the savant's sword

Heals holed hearts, and molds minds to, with gemstone word.

To say what’s right within its might, and what things are of this world.

The gifts that you reveal: how so you feel, your soul and mind unfurled

To share in the delight of keen insight, blessed be we, to be so pearled! 


Halleluiah! The miracle that such determined steel does heal and build the fibers of being,

For if turned to malice the palace of our equanimity falls to dust, and we must: 

Regroup! Reform! Refute! Refight!  Charge once again into that good night! 

Despairing not, and with valiance hot, your sharp pen has bit with rapier wit!

Whence we winsome warriors-with-words repair to share with frere and foe,

tales of life, love, loss and woe...or simply that which we think we know. 


I trust in you, dust in situ.


~~ Matthew Terry ~~


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