Shaping glass by hand,

    “How far can you see with that?”

    Far enough, baby.


    Then, after twilight

    When the Sun is underfoot

    We may safely gaze.


    The stars, scattered, thrown

    Into the deepening sky’s

    Velvet azure lap


    It came from the east

    A piece of the Universe

    On fire, ablating


           In My Fujinons...


    Burning through the trees,

    Amazed they had not lit them,

    I saw Pleiades


    Of course a woman:

    Bewitching and beguiling!

    Sweet Andromeda…


    Sweeping Milky Way!

    Cygnus, Sagittarius

    Bright, glowing starclouds



         In My Telescope...


    Floating there in space,

    Galaxies, Nebulae, Stars

    Forever away


    Golden ringed goddess

    The sixth planet from the Sun

    As good as dreams get


    “Oh my gosh, what’s that?”

    The littlest said with glee!

    Saturn’s in the scope.


    Saturn’s in the scope,

    She never fails to delight,

    Jewel of the night!


    An exquisite night,

    My 8” perfectly tuned,

    I saw Saturn’s spokes…


     In My Puny Mind…


    Look, everything’s paired

    People, stars and galaxies.

    Why not: Universe?


    Opposites attract

    In out up down back and forth

    Duality rules


    All of this we trust:

    Walking earth and breathing air

    All of this: stardust


    Stars wheel overhead

    hiding a Universe there.

    Deep breath of the mind


    Crushing emptiness,

    vast beyond comprehension

    outward forever


    Reducing our dreams

    Of knowing, of everything

    to the ash of stars.


    Take flight into space

    if for our egos alone

    "silly human race"


    Ascend to descend

    a spongy galaxy stands

    ready to receive


    Seek strength in the truth

    When weakness and temptation

    Pry at your conscience


           ~ copyright 2003 by  Matt Terry ~    


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