Quantum University 


Quantum is as quantum does

Outta sight!, and a good thing too:

Blowing minds and laws because

That’s just what a quantum do.


World’s writ strange upon its stage

Meant not for you nor me.

So upside down is its page:

Void into what’s “meant” to be.


They say without it no stars would shine

And this seems true beyond dispute.

No TV, no movies, our lights so fine,

No radio plays, nor computer compute.


“Don’t fret, small minds, just believe,”

the Tiny’s priests do wail,

“In the evidence here we retrieve,”

Through their conceptual veil.


Tunnel here, show up there

“But how’s it do all that?”

Triangle round, circle square

Dead and alive?  That darn cat.


Max out the platform’s plank

You’ll see A bomb in there.

Take that brilliance to the bank!

Eine stain removed with care.


At last of course there is this:

What’s the source that animates?

Which quanta spark when we kiss?

What role next, in Mankind’s fates?


~ Matthew Terry ~


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