Galaxy Rise!


Grandmama Andromeda has cleared the trees!

Mother Milky Way having had her say,

Her glowing heart has sailed away.

How long now ‘til the Pleiades?

Sisters Seven? Then heaven plays tricks

Everyone I know, just sees six.


And after them comes the one with thumbs,

We all call Orion,

But many’s his name, and more’s his fame.

Ours died by Scorpion!

Many more, around four score, beg of you

To keep your eye on:

Bears, Dogs, and Dragon!  The whole Zodiacal Zoo!

Do go near the Lion!

OOOhhh! In a flash some trash does dash!

Cashing it in!  Its largest kin, could do us in…


But for now:


So sweet, the sights, sounds and scents of night

A conspiracy for the spirit’s delight.

The natural spaces, so natural space is!

Night bird dreams, auroral streams,

How beautiful Life’s place is.


            ~ Matthew Terry ~


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